Would you like to study in Slovenia?
SASS offers to all foreign students who enroll at SASS, an opportunity to study, work and live in Slovenia. We have teamed up with a biggest student work organization in Slovenia E-študentski servis (e- student service) to offer our tuition paying students an opportunity to study, work and live in Slovenia with a guarantied, secured job for the time being in Slovenia as our student. Find out more about opportunities for work HERE.

ZOOM online info day 

info day for Undergraduate and graduate programmes 21.5.2020 at 17.00h till approx. 18.30 h



Why choose SASS?

Social problems and challenges never rest and they never run out. The functioning of democratic societies, the rule of law, the knowledge society, migration, cultural diversity, discrimination, stereotyping, poverty, hunger, unemployment, the right to work, victimization, mobbing, sexual harassment, domestic violence, abuse, online security, addiction, pollution, health care, euthanasia, abortion, genetic engineering, stress, emotional distress, anxiety, depression ... just a few examples from a long list of challenges which are facing modern people and societies. Study programmes of the School od Advanced Social Studies provide you with knowledge and competences required to successfully perform professional work, which continually brings new challenges. Irrespective of whether you will work in the public or private sector, or if you become a manager, organizer, analyst, officer, consultant or businessman, in addition to the knowledge and skills acquired during the studies to solve social challenges, you will need courage, enthusiasm and desire to contribute to improving the quality of life of others. 

By studying at SASS you gain:

  • applicable and practical knowledges
  • the ability to solve even the most demanding organizational and social problems in the commercial and public sector and civil society
  • the possibility of international exchanges
  • development in a friendly, dynamic and innovative academic environment
  • self-confidence and self-esteem
  • an excellent starting point for a successful career

Application periods for Academic year 2020/21

Where can I get more information about enrollment?
You can write an e-mail to [email protected] or call us at (+386)1 520 20 61.


Do you wish to contribute to the sustainable development of society? You wish to become a manager with a sense of society and people? Do you wish to act in the public interest? Enrol into the B.A. study programme SOCIAL MANAGEMENT.

Application period: from 17. 2. –till 21. 8. 2020 and from 22. 8. till 28. 9. 2020; -> for enrollment up until 30.6.2020 you receive 10 % discount on tuition fee for the 1st year;


Manage ongoing social businesses:

  • make decisions, plan, design, set directions
  • lead and control the implementation of activities of an organization
  • employ practical, innovative and sustainable approaches to the management of organizational and social challenges


There is no solution without understanding. Do you wish to understand the world you live in? Do you wish to analyse social problems and challenges that have been puzzling creative minds for centuries? Enrol into the BSc study programme SOCIAL MANAGEMENT.

Application period: from 12. 2. 2020 till 9.4.2020 and from 20. 8. 2020 till 28. 8. 2020; -> For applications up until 30.6.2020 you are exempt from the application fee of 49,00€.


See the forest, not only the trees:

  • gain thorough knowledge of social rules and systems
  • become professional in the acquisition and processing of information
  • analyse actual social, political, cultural and economic processes
  • lead, organize and set directions of social processe


Do you work or do you wish to work in an international environment? Do you encounter challenges of cultural diversities in the local or national environment? Enrol into the M.A. study programme INTERCULTURAL MANAGEMENT.

NO TUITION FEE even for foreign students (terms apply)!  -> For applications up until 30.6.2020 you are exempt from the application fee of 49,00€.
1st Application period: from 16. 3. 2020 till 30. 6. 2020; 2nd Application period: from1. 7. 2020 till 28. 9. 2020


Improve yourself by developing cultural diversity management skills:

  • discover the diversity of cultures and values of the world
  • understand habits and values of your business partners and clients
  • increase your self-confidence, improve your communication
  • become an expert to work in multicultural and multilingual environments


Are you ambitious and want to achieve something important? Are you a thoughtful, innovative person and want to discover something new? Enrol into the Ph.D. study programme SOCIOLOGY.

1st Application period: from 16. 3. 2020 till 30. 6. 2020;  2nd Application period: from1. 7. 2020 till 28. 9. 2020 -> for applications up until 30.6.2020 you receive 10 % discount on tuition fee for the 1st year; 


Bring fresh air in social discourse:

  • truly use and develop your intellectual potential
  • master research work
  • express your creativity
  • find innovative social solutions


Do you wish to help people in difficult life situations? Do you wish to promote personal growth and strengthen self-confidence? Do you wish to become a psychological consultant with a sense for the society and people? Enrol into the B.A.programme PSYCHOSOCIAL COUNSELLING or M.A programme PSYCHOSOCIAL COUNSELLING.

1st Application period: from 16. 3. 2020 till 30. 6. 2020; 2nd Application period: from1. 7. 2020 till 28. 9. 2020 -> for applications up until 30.6.2020 you receive 10 % discount on tuition fee for the 1st year

Under Build courage, instead of the existing, the following should be written

  • learn the personality in the social context and get to know yourself in relation with the world
  • get competence to deal with emotional and behavioural problems of people
  • encourage personal growth
  • offer assistance in difficult life situations
  • strengthen your self-esteem, empowerment for solving problems independently

"SASS are people"

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