Location of study



Nova Gorica – a small town at the border with Italy. SASS is located at Gregorčičeva ulica 19. There are Dean`s Office, Students Office, Project Office, Financial and Accounting Office, Library and 6 lecture rooms, which are equipped with PC, projector and whiteboard. All of the study programmes are carried out at this location.


Ljubljana – the capital city in the centre of Slovenia. SASS study centre is located at Leskoškova cesta 9/e. There are 4 lecture rooms, equipped with PC, projector and whiteboard.


The following adresses may be contacted in order to get the accomodation.

Dijaški dom Nova Gorica
Streliška pot 2, Nova Gorica
Tel.: 05/335 48 11

Študentski dom Nova Gorica 
Presta Gorica d.o.o.
Bazoviška ulica 1, p.p. 162, Nova Gorica
Tel.: 05/300 10 36
E-pošta: prestagorica at siol.net

Dijaški dom Srednje poklicne in tehnične kmetijsko-živilske šole

Ulica padlih borcev 26
5290 Šempeter pri Gorici
Tel.: 05/393 43 00

Other options:

Students not accomodated at the doorms, can find a room as tenants. By doing this one can seek help at Students' Office at SASS. 

Eating out:

Students can by 20 student cupons per month and those cupons are subsidized. More infor and spplication at KGŠ - Klub Goriških študentov (www.kgs.si)