Vision, mission, quality


We will become and remain one of the leading European centers in the selected fields of social science, while our graduates will be among the most preferred experts in their field. 


We are committed to innovativeness and excellence of knowledge. We encourage intellectual reflection and the transfer of scientific findings to the local and global environment. We educate responsible individuals, capable to perform their work in a competent manner and to cope actively with the situation in the market and in the society. Thus we co-create the conditions for openness, freedom and welfare.

Foundation of School of Advanced Social Studies is not important only from the future generations of social scientists point of view but it rather has various meanings. In Nova Gorica the new centre of applicable social science knowledge was created. This centre will place its expertise into local and regional but also national economy; labour market and will also take advantage of several not already used possibilities in development of social studies on national level and will also successfully participate in international environment following the trends of social sciences development.

Important documents of SASS:

The Statute of the SASS

The Amendments to the Statute of the SASS

The Rules on the examination and assessment of a student's knowledge

The Criteria for appointment to ranks of University teachers, researchers and associates

The Rules on scientific research at the SASS

The Rules on the examination and assessment of a student's knowledge

Qualitymanual of SASS